The Great Debate: Carpet or Laminate Flooring?

It’s one of the greatest interior design debates of all time: carpet or laminate flooring? There are many things to take into consideration for us to be able to effectively answer this question. From cost and cleanliness to durability and comfort, join us as we explore the differences between laminate and carpet, and look at the rooms these flooring favourites are best suited to.


High-end carpet typically costs more than high-end laminate – and with so many variations on the market, you can get luxury-look laminate flooring without the need for a big budget – making this an ideal option for living rooms and bedrooms where your interior budget is likely already stretched. With one of the biggest draws of carpet being how it feels underfoot, the more you pay, the more comfortable this will be – and of course there are also the installation fees to factor in. Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) click flooring comes in a wide array of designs to emulate a luxury look for less, freeing up your budget for those finishing touches.


While some DIY enthusiasts might fancy trying their hand at installing a carpet, this is typically best left to the professionals. Laminate, on the other hand, is far easier to install yourself – so if you’re looking for a less challenging flooring project, this is the way to go. While fitting carpet requires a lot of cutting and measuring, and can be costly if it goes wrong, the tongue and groove design of click flooring makes the installation process infinitely easier. So, before you make your decision, factor in who will be fitting whichever flooring option you settle on.


Keeping your flooring clean is one of the home’s toughest jobs, so you’ll want to think carefully before you splash out on either carpet or laminate flooring. When thinking about opting for carpet or laminate in the bedroom, you should consider factors like whether this space will be used by small children as a playroom, or by older family members who will enjoy a touch of luxury. For the former, laminate will make it easier to spot dirt instantly – allowing you to vacuum and wash regularly and with ease. Carpet will make any marks less obvious, but it will also be tougher to keep clean – especially in households with children and pets, where spills and stains are a part of everyday life and being able to stay on top of hygiene is a must.


When shelling out for new flooring, you want to know it’s going to last – so, which option offers the best durability? Because spills and stains don’t show up as easily, carpet can become damaged over time without you knowing – leading to unpleasant odours that are difficult to get rid of. The fibres can also wear more easily underfoot than laminate flooring. Once your carpet begins wearing thin, it can be difficult to find a solution, whereas laminate flooring can be touched up with furniture pens and you can even replace individual floor tiles if needed – giving this type of flooring a generally longer life span.


In terms of comfort, of course carpet offers a softer feeling underfoot, meaning many homeowners struggle when it comes to deciding whether to install carpet or laminate in the living room. Begin by thinking about the purpose of the room and what it’s used for before you make any decisions. With underfloor heating, laminate can present an appealing option, but this type of flooring alone won’t provide the cosiness of a carpet. To enjoy all the comfort of carpet underfoot without the higher costs or cleaning and durability issues, you could opt for laminate as the primary flooring material and accessorise with fluffy rugs that can be cleaned or easily replaced as needed.

The verdict

If practicality, affordability and efficiency are high on your agenda when it comes to interior design, there can be only one winner in the great carpet or laminate flooring debate: laminate flooring!

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