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Designing a Home Destined to Require Minimal Maintenance

If you seem to spend a large portion of your free time tidying, cleaning and repairing your home, this post is for you. Designing living spaces that are clutter-free and easy to maintain will mean you can spend your spare time doing things you actually enjoy.

From easy-clean flooring options and dirt-friendly colour schemes to clever storage hacks, we’ll walk you through the process of mastering strategic home design that will put you on the right path to creating a living space that’s low-maintenance and free from visual clutter for good.

Invest in durable materials

When it comes to updating your home in a bid to make it low-maintenance, don’t try to cut corners with low-quality materials. While this may save you money in the short term, it’s highly likely these elements will need replacing in the not-too-distant future as daily wear and tear takes its toll.

Instead, invest in premium-quality materials that boast excellent durability – ensuring your home interiors will last for years. Whether it’s opting for granite kitchen worktops, tiled bathroom splashbacks or strong, well-made furniture, prioritising longevity with your home updates will open the doors to hassle-free home design.

Favour functional flooring

Your choice of flooring can have a significant impact on the required upkeep of your home and, when it comes to achieving fuss-free home design, favouring functional flooring options is the way forward.

Side-step carpet (which is a magnet for pet hair and stains) as well as real wooden floors (which can warp and need regular sealing) and embrace the wonders of luxury vinyl tile flooring. As well as being easy to install, with a quick click-and-lock system, this design also provides a seamless surface that won’t harbour trapped dirt – making this flooring a breeze to clean with a quick sweep and mop.

For the ultimate low-maintenance flooring option, why not run the same flooring throughout the home? LVT flooring boasts outstanding water resistance and hard-wearing properties, meaning it’s even suited for use in high-traffic areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Get clever in the kitchen

black and white kitchen with wooden floor
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Speaking of which, the kitchen is a notorious grind to clean – but with some strategic choices when it comes to key features such as worktops and cabinets, this can be a thing of the past.

Make life easy for yourself by installing a kitchen worktop that’s one solid surface, such as quartz or granite. Made to last for decades, as well as being incredibly hard-wearing (not to mention timelessly stylish), a quality worktop will make the wipe-down a pleasure – especially if you clear the worktop of unnecessary kitchenware. When it comes to colour, opt for a medium tone with a patterned design that won’t show every speck and crumb in all its glory.

Addressing your cabinets is also key. Firstly, if possible, opt for wall units that run all the way to the ceiling – this means less dusting in awkward places and more storage space. Inside your kitchen cupboards, invest in savvy storage solutions, such as pull-out racks and baskets that allow you to use all of the space available while providing easy access. This will help you to keep those countertops clutter-free, too!

Banish bathroom clutter

Bathrooms are also magnets for clutter and can be a real cleaning headache, but some targeted updates can make a world of difference.

For bathroom suites, consider installing wall-hung sinks and toilets to take the effort out of cleaning both the units themselves and the floor underneath. When it comes to tiles, which are a popular choice for bathrooms, opting for large format designs with fewer grout lines could save you valuable time scrubbing off mildew and limescale – while frosted glass shower panels will hide a multitude of water marks.

It’s also essential to banish other bathroom clutter if you want to speed up your weekly cleaning round. From bathroom cabinets and under-sink storage for toiletries and cleaning products to ottomans for bathroom linens, always make sure there are ample storage options available to hide away visual clutter.

Clever colour schemes

When it comes to colour schemes for low-maintenance homes, avoiding solid colours like white and black that show every speck of dirt is a given. Instead, prime your home for practicality with clever colour schemes that use medium hues to mask dirt.

From warm terracottas and soft beiges to cool greys and blues, embracing neutral tones in your base colour scheme to cover the majority of the area will conceal dirt rather than exposing every tiny spot.

This doesn’t mean your home has to feel bland, though – you can still inject pops of colour through accessories and soft furnishing. Think vibrant, coloured scatter cushions for sofas and beds or deep, rich shades for bath linen and curtains. 

Achieving a fuss-free home is something many us dream of – and with the above tips, it can become a reality. With strategic home design updates that provide durable, practical and clutter-free interiors, it’s entirely possible to spend less time on cleaning and upkeep and more time enjoying your home and doing the things you love.

Ready to get started on the road to low-maintenance interiors? Let’s start with the floors. Take a look at our fantastic range of luxury vinyl tile flooring options and more to find affordable luxury home design solutions for less.

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