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Impact Underfoot: Accessorising Flooring Throughout the Home

Whether you realise it or not, your home’s flooring offers the perfect opportunity to make an impactful interior design statement that can transform floors from purely functional elements to show-stopping features.

To help you on your way to bringing your flooring to life, we’re sharing our expert tips on how to harness the power of accessories that will accentuate the beauty of your flooring and create a real impact underfoot.

Add colour and texture with rugs

Rugs are a tried and tested accessory for adding a touch of colour and character to flooring and tying the room together. However, there are a couple of key considerations you should keep in mind when picking out your perfect rug to guarantee it’s the striking focal point you envisioned.

First, consider practicality. Your choice of rug colour and fabric should be suited to the room it’s being placed in. For instance, a fluffy, cream shag-pile rug would be right at home in your bedroom, but may not fare as well in high-traffic areas like living rooms – especially if you have pets or little ones with sticky hands running around. Instead, for busier areas of the home, opt for darker hues that complement your existing floor colour or patterned designs in hard-wearing fabrics to guarantee they stay looking fresh and stylish for longer.

Secondly, think about size. Oversized rugs work brilliantly in large rooms, helping to add interest and texture to vacuous spaces, but small rugs can simply look lost. Similarly, large rugs can make smaller spaces feel more enclosed. Before you buy, measure the space accurately – taking furniture into account, too, making sure the rug you buy will deliver the perfect balance of exposed floor and texture.

Use lighting to enhance the atmosphere

Lighting is another essential interior design tool to use to your advantage when it comes to accessorising your floors. The trick here is to illuminate the space from the floor up using floor lamps that will bathe your gorgeous floors in a soft light to enhance their beauty and the overall atmosphere of the room.

With the right floor lamps at your disposal, you can create an eye-catching design statement, while also benefiting from additional illumination – a winning combination. Whether you opt for cute, compact designs or attention-grabbing suspended floor lamps, adorning the area with floor-level lighting that illuminates your floors in different ways will guarantee you’re able to create a welcoming ambience.

To truly use the power of lighting to your advantage, experiment with different bulb types and lumens. From a soft, warm glow to bright, white light, your choice of bulb can be a real game-changer when it comes to showcasing your floors in the right light.

Add flair with floor-length curtains

In another step towards showing off your floors and making them the star of your interior design, opt for floor-length curtains in favour of shorter options. While you may think they’ll cover up the floor rather than enhance it, this isn’t the case.

The clever thing about floor-length curtains is that they naturally draw the eye down to the ground, making you instantly notice the stunning flooring beneath your feet. So, utilising their subtle power to your advantage is a sure-fire way to make your flooring the real star feature.

From bright, patterned prints to billowing, pale fabrics, the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing your floor-length curtains – but be sure to choose a shade and design that complements your floor colour and the overall look of the room. And don’t forget to bear in mind that pale colours will attract the dirt from the floor.

Use decorative touches at floor level

For many of us, the thought of adding decorative elements at floor level seems like an illogical and impractical choice. However, with the right objects at floor level, you can, in fact, create commanding decorative elements that will serve to enhance the overall aesthetic without making it cluttered in appearance or difficult to clean.

From large terracotta plant pots brimming with greenery that add texture and life to oversized wooden sculptures and stone carvings, use these decorative features to bring some creative flair into the area with large accent pieces that demand to be noticed. Of course, keeping practicality (and safety) in check, we’d suggest picking out large, weighty pieces that won’t topple over at a mere touch – ruining your floors and your feet in the process.

With the above ideas, we hope you have everything you need to accessorise your flooring and truly bring it to life. To really help them stand out, feast your eyes on our diverse range of affordable flooring options and give your home’s floors the TLC they deserve. With great-value prices on LVT flooring, laminate, parquet and more, we’re bringing you luxury flooring for less.

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