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4 Ways to Achieve a Luxury-Look Living Room for Less

If you’ve longed to give your living room a luxury makeover that pays homage to those you see in interior design magazines but find yourself stumped when it comes to funding such grand designs, we have you covered.

In today’s post, we’re going to be sharing some tips on how you can achieve a luxury look in your living without having to spend big. From living room flooring ideas to curtains, feature walls, furniture and more, we’ll be offering you a whole host of design inspiration to ensure you have all the right ingredients for pulling off an opulent living room makeover.

Focus on your floors

As the foundations of any room, focusing your attention on the floors is a logical place to start – and for those working to a tight budget, it doesn’t always require a big investment to make a big impact.

Installing quality laminate flooring in your living room offers an affordable way to evoke that opulent feel you get from hardwood floors without costing the earth. Ultra-realistic, stylish, practical and low-maintenance, you can instantly give the space a grander look without the hassle or upkeep of real wood.

To finish it off and create a spacious feel, opt for an oversized rug, like an affordable jute woven piece, instead of a small rug that can actually dwarf the room. Ideally the rug should cover the majority of the floor, similar to the picture above – ensuring its expanse emphasises the depth of the space.

Embrace the wonders of windows

If you’re serious about honing in on opulence in your living room, dressing your windows appropriately will go a long way towards making sure the space exudes elegance. While your living room may not be blessed with huge windows that flood the space with natural light, this doesn’t mean you can’t create the illusion of grandeur with the help of some new curtains.

The trick here is to pick a light, simple fabric that won’t make the area feel too fussy or closed in – and be sure to cut them to length, so they’re long enough to just brush the floor. To save some money on customisation services, you could try your hand at adjusting them yourself – but if your sewing skills aren’t the greatest, it could be worth spending that little bit extra to achieve a professional finish.

Of course, curtains aren’t your only option – the addition of some stylish wooden blinds or shutters can also work wonders in instantly transforming a tired space into a lavish haven. Again, be sure to accurately measure the space and find blinds that perfectly fit for a chic and stylish finish.

Layer the look with accessories

cream sofa with blue accessories
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Layering the look is a tried and tested interior design trick for adding depth and texture to a space – and when it comes to luxury living rooms, this is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to get the look right.

Use a mixture of different fabrics and textures to accessorise key furniture pieces like sofas and armchairs to give them a new lease of life. Think bright, jewel-hued silk and velvet cushions or a soft-touch throw.

For other integral furniture pieces, like bookshelves and coffee tables, the key is to scale back your ornaments to achieve a clean and sleek aesthetic. Opting for clusters of three ornaments is a good rule to go by – for maximum effect, these can use a complementary colour scheme to that of your soft furnishings, similar to the room above.

Alternatively, you could vary the texture and colour with metallic accents like copper or brass. This metallic touch can be extended to other fixtures in the room, too, including door handles and eye-catching light fixtures that will work to tie the whole room together.

Create a feature wall

Finally, if you want to bring some sophistication and wow factor to your living room, you could create your own feature wall. Far from a new concept, feature walls are a long-standing interior design favourite and for good reason.

When it comes to luxury design, though, you’ll want to ensure you get the design elements just right. An obvious choice would be to accentuate a natural focal point such as a fireplace, giving it an update with some striking fireplace tiles or something as simple as a large, light-reflecting mirror to draw the eye in.

Other ideas could include picking a large piece of artwork to hang above your sofa, or using a blank wall to create a personalised portrait gallery. For simplicity, you may decide to pick out one wall to paint in a bold colour that complements the rest of the room to add a sense of decadent luxury to the space.

Giving your living space a much-needed makeover doesn’t always have to be about making expensive updates. Whatever your budget, we hope these ideas give you all the inspiration you need to make meaningful changes and achieve a luxury living room design without having to spend a fortune.

To get started, browse our collection of luxury-look laminate flooring solutions for your living room. With a diverse range of practical products to choose from, there’s no better place to start than by investing in quality flooring solutions that are budget-friendly to boot – helping you master the luxury look for less.

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