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Channelling Scandinavian Interior Design from Floor to Ceiling

The fresh, clean, minimalist ambience of Scandinavian interiors is a time-honoured staple of the home decorating world – having transcended mere trend status many years ago, to evolve into a bona fide interior design archetype.

We have no doubt you know Scandinavian interior design when you see it – the careful, clutter-free, understated beauty of a Scandi-style space is recognisable at a glance. You may, however, need some help decoding the essence of the Scandinavian aesthetic to take matters into your own hands and embark on an interior design journey that ends with your very own Nordic-style sanctuary.

We’re breaking down the core elements of Scandinavian interior design right here, giving you the tools and decor inspiration to get to work creating your own at-home Scandinavian paradise.

Colour scheme

Muted tones form the foundations of Scandinavian interior design, with pale and neutral colours such as white, cream, beige and grey being popular fixtures among Scandinavian-style homes. These stripped-back shades complement the guiding principle of the Scandi-style aesthetic: a commitment to simplicity, minimalism and function over fashion.

To master Scandinavian decor, build your design theme around a near-monochromatic colour scheme that provides a warm, calming, neutral backdrop upon which you can layer the occasional pop of colour to create sophisticated yet eye-catching focal points around the home.

Walls and floors

When the time comes to decorate your walls in line with the Scandinavian interior design handbook, painted walls in signature Scandi shades like white or pale grey provide a clean, minimalistic canvas to be subtly and strategically adorned. For the finishing touches, simple decorative accents go a long way towards achieving this distinctive aesthetic – think monochromatic framed prints and floating shelves in accent colours to add some visual texture to the space without ever neglecting or compromising function.

When it comes to your floors, wooden elements are the lifeblood of Scandinavian interiors. Whether you invest in authentic hardwood or pay homage through the use of wood-effect laminate or tile flooring, incorporating warm wood shades (such as oak, walnut or pine) will provide a quintessentially Scandi-style basis for your entire home’s design.


Striking, modern furniture pieces are right at home in a Scandinavian-style living space. Wood and metal are commonplace in this stripped-back aesthetic, with creative, sculptural tables and chairs serving as powerful statement pieces – especially when in dramatic contrasting shades such as black or burnt orange.

In a Scandinavian living room, classic furniture with clean lines in muted tones helps the heart of the home to become a shrine to understated style. In terms of upholstery, soft, cosy fabrics give sofas, armchairs and ottomans the sense of warmth and intimacy Scandinavian interiors are known for.


There are two facets to the laws of lighting when it comes to creating Scandinavian interiors. From a natural light point of view, the space should be positively flooded with sunlight – making a pairing of large windows and strategically placed mirrors a winning combination for homeowners looking to channel Scandinavian style in their living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

When it comes to light fixtures, soft lighting always trumps bright, white, artificial light in the Scandinavian living space – contributing to the sought-after ambience of understated cosiness. Pendant shades are a popular choice – particularly in muted colours such as white, cream, grey and warm wood shades. The key is to create pools of soft, warm light throughout the space, with floor and table lamps as well as candles providing simple yet effective tools for the job.


Put the cherry on your Scandi-style sundae with a handful of dainty finishing touches in comfortable, homely materials. In the bedroom, layered bedding including linen sheets, wool blankets and decorative cushions combine to create the trademark Scandinavian aesthetic – while the occasional use of metallic, industrial-look accessories provides welcome contrast without detracting from the overall vibe of the space.

The golden rule of Scandinavian interior design is to maintain an emphasis on cosy materials and colours. As such, warm textiles can be found in abundance throughout the world’s Scandi-style homes – meaning homely rugs, throws, curtains and scatter cushions are all very much on the agenda. Finish off the look with a delicate burst of fresh plants and flowers, and hey presto – you’ve mastered the fine art of Scandinavian decor.

So, you’ve learned how to create your own Scandinavian-inspired living space that pays homage to this function-first design concept from floor to ceiling. Let’s start with the floors, shall we? Browse our big, beautiful range of affordable, luxury-look flooring options – from classic laminate to luxury vinyl tile – to give your Scandi-style home a lasting foundation.

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