Flooring Accessories

Regardless of what flooring you have, every type requires some kind of accessory – whether that’s to assist with the preparation, installation, maintenance or finish of your interior flooring.
Luckily, here at Trendy Floors, we stock a wide range of flooring accessories – it’s why we’re the UK’s one-stop shop for all things flooring. So, whether you’re searching for vinyl, hardwood or laminate flooring accessories, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for when you shop online with Trendy Floors.

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Why do you need flooring accessories?
Our extensive range of accessories includes products specifically selected by our team of interior experts to provide effortless assistance at every stage of the flooring process. After all, nothing can ruin the excitement of investing in brand new flooring like incorrect prep and installation tools or poor maintenance. That’s why our flooring accessories will assist you with:

A seamless installation – from underlay for laminate, hardwood and vinyl to glues, screws and fitting tools, we have something to aid every step of the installation process to ensure you get the very best from your new flooring from the off
The perfect finish touch -with your flooring down, adding the perfect finishing touch is vital to reaping all the aesthetic and practical benefits it has to offer. That’s why we stock everything from skirting to finishing oils to ensure your new floor (and your space as a whole) is looking its best 


An effortless upkeep -every floor needs a little TLC. With that in mind, we have a wide collection of floor cleaners and floor protection accessories to make sure upkeep is as quick and easy as can be

Why choose Trendy Floors?
At Trendy Floors, we understand that top-quality products should come with a top-quality service – it’s why we’re one of the UK’s leading flooring suppliers. So, regardless of whether you’re searching for completely new flooring or simply need a new tube of adhesive, you can expect the same hassle-free shopping experience from start to finish.
Simply find the right product for you, head to the checkout and follow our simple online process – we’ll take care of the rest. It’s what we do.

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