Laminate flooring is one of the most popular flooring options for a range of interior styles right now, and for good reason. Offering a cost-effective alternative to real wood or stone flooring, laminate remains versatile, durable and low-maintenance – meaning you get all the same practical and stylistic advantages, just at a cheaper price.

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 With that in mind, why not browse our extensive range of cheap laminate flooring options to find your ideal flooring solution ahead of your next home or commercial renovation? With an array of options available at competitive discount prices, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for with Trendy Floors – it’s why we’re a leading flooring supplier to homes across the UK.
What is laminate flooring?
Laminate is a synthetic floor covering that’s been cleverly designed to mimic the aesthetics of real wood or natural stone. Constructed through a careful layering process involving a unique blend of wood fibres, the result is a stylish and practical flooring option with authentic, photorealistic depth and texture and a solid HDF core for structural integrity.
Why use laminate flooring?
Because of this diligent manufacturing process, laminate flooring is versatile in its ability to complement multiple interior aesthetics, all while boasting a range of desirable practical properties:

Cost-effectiveness – our range is stacked full of cheap laminate flooring options, meaning you’re sure to find an on-trend, highly functional flooring option that falls within your budget, no matter how tight it may be.

Flawless appearance – the realistic aesthetics of laminate flooring are achieved through the use of a premium, high-quality printer to recreate endless designs. As such, there’s an extensive choice of colours, designs and textures available, meaning finding a style to suit your interior will be hassle-free. What’s more, laminate doesn’t fade in sunlight like some real wood or natural stone alternatives, meaning this high-quality look remains intact year after year.

Defined durability – coated with aluminium oxide, laminate flooring effortlessly withstands scratches, marks and dents to provide the perfect flooring solution for areas of regular use and high levels of foot traffic – from residential spaces to commercial environments. Moreover, this makes it an ideal choice for households with pets, as you can rest assured that your pet’s claws won’t cause any aesthetic damage to the surface.

Moisture resistance – most laminate flooring is resistant to moisture, meaning it won’t incur any damage when exposed to the regular splashes and spills of kitchen and bathroom environments.

Easy installation – laminate flooring is incredibly easy to install. In fact, one of the biggest draws for customers is a cheap price tag made better still by the fact they can save even more by performing the installation themselves. Thanks to a simple tongue and groove locking system, the floating installation method enables anyone and everyone to install this flooring with minimal effort.

Minimal maintenance – it takes little effort to keep this flooring looking its best. A simple vacuum, wipe-down or sweep will keep laminate looking fresh, making it an ideal flooring option for both busy households and businesses alike.

Where to use laminate flooring?
Thanks to its great versatility, laminate flooring can be, and often is, utilised in virtually any room of the home and throughout all kinds of commercial space. For example, with a range of distinct practical advantages suited to bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, landings and hallways, you can rest assured that your laminate flooring will always perform well in the face of everyday usage. Paired with an extensive choice of designs and styles to match any interior decor, the possibilities really are endless.
All with the Trendy Floors special touch 
Here at Trendy Floors, we understand that a high-quality product must be sold with a high-quality service. That’s why, as one of the UK’s leading flooring suppliers, we make the process of finding your new floor as simple as possible. After deciding on your cheap laminate flooring, simply head to the checkout and follow our easy online process – then put your feet up while we take care of the rest.

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