If you’re after a hard-wearing, stylish and practical solution for the floors in your home, look no further. At Trendy Floors, we supply a diverse range of affordable luxury floor tiles to suit an array of different interior styles – from classic to contemporary and everything in between.

Whether you’re shopping for tiles to install in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or any other room in the house, we’re sure you’ll find just the right tile to suit your budget and taste. This means you can achieve that luxury interior update you’ve dreamed of without it having to cost you a small fortune.

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Why choose floor tiles?

When deciding on the right flooring solution for you, tiles come with a raft of benefits that make them a solid choice for floors throughout your home. And if you’re still undecided, allow us to fill you in:

Durable – if you’re looking for a floor covering that will last for years, tiles are the ideal option. Made from compressed clay that’s fired at extremely high temperatures and pressures, porcelain floor tiles are well-equipped to withstand daily wear and tear. Whether it’s footfall or the inevitable spills and scratches, the hard surface of these tiles can handle it all with ease – leaving you with pristine looking floors for many years to come.

Water-resistant – floor tiles also boast outstanding resistance to water, with an incredibly low moisture absorption rate. As a result, you’ll find tiles go hand in hand with bathrooms, wetrooms, kitchens and even outdoor areas. They’re also able to stand up to extreme temperature fluctuations without cracking or blowing.

Practical – one of the greatest benefits of tiled flooring is its practicality. Requiring minimal maintenance, other than a regular sweep and mop using standard cleaning agents, you can quickly and easily restore your floors to their former glory with minimal effort. Better yet, with their water, stain and scratch-resistant properties, you won’t need to stress about lasting damage if any spills occur – a huge plus point in busy households. Many of our tiles also come with non-slip properties, so you can prevent unnecessary slips and trips when tiles are wet.

Versatile – as if that wasn’t enough, opting to install floor tiles in your home will offer up endless styling possibilities that can be put to use in almost any room in the home. Whether you want an ultra-modern bathroom or a vintage-inspired living room, tiles can be adapted to suit a wide range of decor themes.

Sustainable – tiles also win on the sustainability front, too. Made from natural materials and incredibly hard-wearing, they provide an eco-friendly alternative to carpets and other man-made options as they won’t need replacing as frequently – saving you money in the process.

Where to use floor tiles

When it comes to where to use floor tiles, the only real limit is your imagination. Durable, versatile and practical, there are very few rooms that won’t work well with tiled flooring. But, if you need a little inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, we have you covered.

Country-style kitchens – if you’re a fan of rustic interiors, using wood-effect kitchen floor tiles could be just the foundation needed to bring your dream of a country-style kitchen to life. With designs boasting ultra-realistic wood detailing, you can set the tone with minimal effort, pairing your kitchen floor tiles with a neutral colour pallet, farmhouse-style furniture and quaint accessories.

Chic and stylish bathrooms – looking to give your bathroom a chic feel? Bathroom floor tiles are the way forward. With all the beauty and character of real wood and the practical benefits of tiles, you can create a bathing space that feels homely every day of the week. Whether you choose a sleek and minimalist look with white walls and metallic accents or a softer touch with natural wooden accents and indoor plants, use bathroom floor tiles as the building blocks to bathroom bliss.

Luxurious living rooms – living rooms are often the social hub of the home and require careful attention to detail with interior design choices. If you’re looking to convey a luxury feel in this crucial room, polished, dark floor tiles are the ideal addition. Complemented by crisp, white walls and high-gloss finishes across your furniture and decorative accents, you can create a sophisticated space that oozes opulence.

Heavenly hallways – give the gateway to your home some TLC using tiles to enhance its overall aesthetic. Whether you go for classic parquet-style floor tiles in a light shade or dark and dramatic for a contemporary feel, the end result will be a hallway that’s ultra-stylish, practical and bound to make a lasting impression every time you step through the door.

Luxury tile flooring at affordable prices

As a leading supplier of floor tiles in the UK, we continually strive to bring you the best in quality, price and customer service across all of our flooring solutions. Regardless of your budget and personal taste, we’re here to help you find just what you need to pull off a stunning, long-lasting finish to your floors.

Browse our full collection of luxury floor tiles online today. Once you’ve found the perfect tile for you, simply head to the checkout and leave the rest to us.

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